Comment Emancipation

I dont wanna steal any thunder from the megapost below, but I did wanna reassure all you Citizens of PapoWorld:
Comments now do not require logging in! (I think…) You at least don’t have to involve your email and such.
I really like feedback, be they comments of encouragement, criticism, or little tweaks you wanna suggest. Also, any suggestions for cool content, or cool tools for the blog, are enthusiastically welcome. I have a thick skin. I don’t get enough honesty. Hit me.


4 Responses to “Comment Emancipation”

  1. MikeytheunhappyPeasant Says:

    What a super blog! Though shouldn’t it be called Papomundo? Also, have you seen the abomination that is Notorious?

  2. papoworld Says:

    I have not yet. I trust you disapprove? PapoMundo is actually my spanish language blog offering catty analysis and gossip relating to day-time soap operas.

  3. Jebediah Says:

    MP, could you please elaborate on what’s wrong with Notorious?

  4. MikeytheunhappyPeasant Says:

    Let me begin by stating that I believe all should see this movie. No matter how poorly done, I’m grateful for it. However, BIG being such a master wordsmith, his street eloquence is shit on by what is a pretty corny movie, with campy acting. Sure, it provides a few complex and compelling moments (my favorite is when Biggie sells crack to a pregnant woman and then turns to his dissaproving partner and shrugs “I ain’t no social worker, nigga”), but for the most part it just skips from historically significant point to point in Biggie’s life with glittering generality. It doesn’t explain what specifically forged him into such a gifted rapper, or how he could never extricate himself from the streetlife that defined his rhymes. Before the tragic end, it makes sure to nicely tie up all loose ends when Big phones all his loved ones and makes peace right before he gets clipped. Oh, and if offer no insight into why he died. As one critic pointed out, the movie teaches us nothing we couldn’t learn from the BIG wikipedia entry. The guy who plays him is a doppelganger, but a shitty rapper. Lil’ Kim, however, is played by a hottie who stays naked.

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