Obama & historical significance

As much as I want to fight back my emotional response to this AP article, I think it’s important for our generation to remain (or become) conscious of the extent to which racial division and animosity was prevalent in our society just 50 or 60 years ago, as this article mentions.  But things were bad even more recently: the first half of the book Nixonland (regretably, ‘half’ is as far as I got before the spector of the LSAT loomed) totally opened my eyes to race riots in Watts, California and the on-the-fly deputization of white male citizens to shoot any black male on the street during the riots in Detroit—both in the 60s, a mere 40 years ago.


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One Response to “Obama & historical significance”

  1. Carlitos Says:

    So i was watching hardball today and Chris Mathews had the President of Howard University and Spike Lee on. They had an interesting discussion which basically ended with The President of Howard calling for America to speak openly about race and racism and in doing so racial lines will slowly fade away… (or at least thats what i took from it). Then i read your post and i smiled!

    Preach on my brotha! Check this out:


    These poor group of west coconut grove kids have become villainized by the predominately white grapevine readers and it drives me nuts! Racism is still strong back in your home town. These kids are the victims! I believe in President-elect Obama and I have hope for the children of communities like the west grove all over this country.

    keep fighting the good fight Papo! you will be rewarded by some type of higher power…

    As for critiques/advice which you asked for… don’t forget about the MIA. We need rational thinking, cool, Cuban-Americans like you around if we want things to really change… I’m confident you will use your cite to stir some shit up!

    yes we can!

    Carlos Jimenez

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