Collective Anxiety rising as we approach Inauguration Day.

I feel it myself too…I kind of won’t let myself fully believe he won or fully exhale and get comfortable with it until he is inaugurated without major incident.
I certainly recognize this as a moment with potential—those revolted by the ‘spector of a black president’ may recognize this as their last moment to prevent that from technically occurring.
This CNN article made me think back to some things I’d read of how one of the white nationalist leaders treated Obama with a sense of acknowledgment or recognition b/c he perceived Obama to be working to empower his own race. That his personal beef was with people of his or any race working to advance the interests of others outside their race. weird. It was like our very own American tribalism (I thought that was a madness unique to the Middle East).

At least we’re packing heat; 42,500 heaters, Roscoes, four-fours, whistles, gats, peaces, ‘me-and-ma-girlfriend’s, or even longswords (for you nostalgic shakespearian gangsters of PapoWorld).  However you lick it, the forces protecting Obama are armed (I bet there’s a few hundred unofficial security services, perhaps more familiar with some of the nomenclature presented above.  Sheeit, I’d join the Brothers Citizen Defense League—get the lil runners from the Wire to do terror surveillance n shit.)

Obama’s already getting blamed for kowtowing to Jewish interests (tell me about it from jail, pal)

They’re making this the no-fun-inauguration already, lol

And the ugly association game knows no end

we part with an under-the-hood moment at Papoworld: god bless the more tag


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