HRC confirmation held up

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) is expected to delay Hillary’s confirmation as Secretary of State today by forcing a roll call vote (instead of the quicker, slightly symbolic, voice vote).

Here is a handy synopsis of the issue, courtesy of Politico:

Cornyn – joined by fellow Republicans Dick Lugar and Tom Coburn — has asked the former first lady to improve and increase oversight of her husband’s international charitable fundraising, arguing that foreign powers may try to sway her by contributing to the former president’s foundation.

I wanted to highlight this both because it is news for today and because I am having mixed reactions.  Now, these kinds of confirmations are ripe for political grandstanding, I know that.  And it’s probably quite likely that Cornyn seeks to elevate his own stature and/or try his luck at scoring some political chits in exchange for backing down, at least to some extent.  But I feel inclined to allow him the benefit of the doubt in this situation.  I had major reservations about Bill’s foreign entanglements and his financial/philanthropic proclivities when she was first discussed as a candidate for SecState (not to mention when she was running for president!).  I feel as though there is huge potential for conflict of interest.  However, “potential” is the key word there—and I am generally willing to defer to Obama and his stringent ethical posture as to whether there are enough safeguards in place for Bill.

In summary, I allow that Cornyn may be sincere or have some valid concerns, as I once shared them.  He may not be quite as willing as I am to defer to Obama on this.  However, one cannot credibly let down their suspicion as to Cornyn’s potential gamesmanship on this matter.


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