23/6 videos

Howdy Citizens

Just thought I’d hook you guys up with links to a few videos I stumbled on at 23/6 (home of GYWO) that were pretty funny (or I’m just tired).

No promises…but it’s better than not having the links handily on your screen right now, isn’t it?

SwiftJews for Truth: Obama (there was so many scare-tactics directed at Jews re: Obama.  Did any Citizens get or see the DVD mailer, “Obsession”, about radical islam and Obama? Goldberg scratches back a small amount of credibility in this repudiation.)

Chris Matthews in a Minute (I generally like Chris Matthews, at least off the air.  His book Hardball was pretty decent.  YET, he totally does jump all over his guests.  Not as bad as O’Reilly, but not all that much better either.)

What About Gay Marriage? (ridonculous.  It’s a real shame that this is an accurate satire of the fears many had.)

And these are priceless; I trust you know about Swift Kids for TruthRudy GiulianiHillary Clinton, Obama (lame), ‘The Pants Suit’, Snow Job, and our Alaskan Maverick

Too bad I would sooo do that sorta shit with my kids.

How fucking hilarious is Wonder Showzen??  You MUST watch.

Global Politics in 30 Seconds

6 minutes of misc. clips (I LOVE BeatKids.  and this jingle thanking slaves is so deliciously irreverent and wrong, “muslim kryptonite”?? lolol)

Lil Pope (this kid is my favorite.  in another beatkids segment, he walks around WallStreet with a bullhorn talking about bankers with blood on their hands, lol.)


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