Lil Scooter

BET just featured a ten-year-old rapper named Scooter Smiff who spits serious, for a lil shortie.

Lyrics and video, courtesy of my man in Amsterdam, Jebediah:

From “Do It For Me,” in which he’s hollering at his girl:

“Matter of fact I kinda wanna call her “baby,”
but never want her daddy to think that I’m being shady.
I’m so respectful I will say ‘Please,
Mr. do you mind if we roll to Chuck-E-Cheez,
and back to my house to play Nintendo Wii.
Yes I said Wii, her including me…'”

My fav line, from “Favorite Girl”:
I had my man get ya number though,
We could go to Mickey-Ds get a number ‘Fo
or a number two, whatever-you-like boo
I aint the type to spend bread to let you know I like you

(emphasis mine)…he’s figured it out!

Other tracks and video at  (HatTip for the RePost: The Tooter)


One Response to “Lil Scooter”

  1. Sara Says:

    SUCH a short stop!

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