DFW drops nukes on your tired mind

This dude is always dropping wisdom, even if he’s trying not to (is that its own wisdom?  hm…).  His article on the McCain campaign of 2000 was superb.  In this interview he has some really interesting things to say about political writing and objectivity.  I can both share his feelings and need to heed his advice:

…at least some political writing should be Platonically disinterested, should rise above the fray, etc.; and in my own present case this is impossible (and so I am a hypocrite, an ideological opponent could say). In doing the McCain piece you mentioned, I saw some stuff (more accurately: I believe that I saw some stuff) about our current president, his inner circle, and the primary campaign they ran that prompted certain reactions inside me that make it impossible to rise above the fray. I am, at present, partisan. Worse than that: I feel such deep, visceral antipathy that I can’t seem to think or speak or write in any kind of fair or nuanced way about the current administration. Writing-wise, I think this kind of interior state is dangerous. It is when one feels most strongly, most personally, that it’s most tempting to speak up (“speak out” is the current verb phrase of choice, rhetorically freighted as it is). But it’s also when it’s the least productive, or at any rate it seems that way to me—there are plenty of writers and journalists “speaking out” and writing pieces about oligarchy and neofascism and mendacity and appalling short-sightedness in definitions of “national security” and “national interest,” etc., and very few of these writers seem to me to be generating helpful or powerful pieces, or really even being persuasive to anyone who doesn’t already share the writer’s views.

too bad if you think this post is long (it’s not).  your brain needed something sane for a change. (HatTip: MikeytheAngryPeasant)


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One Response to “DFW drops nukes on your tired mind”

  1. GrittyGrittyGrizzler Says:

    We all mourn the passing of such an insightful and delightfully neurotic voice.

    Three cheers for DFW. Or better yet, three and a half!

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