The inside story of why not a single House Republican supported the president’s stimulus package; and other related news.

This may be the only post for the day (I have GOT to focus on LSAT stuff till the test next Sat.; and, there’s a big bowl people are passing around tonight or something), save for a possible later post about incredibly silly (and perhaps cruel) pet gadgets.  The articles in TheDailyBeast and Nate Silver’s are really worth your attention, partic. Silver’s.

The Daily Beast explores some inside baseball on why the stimulus bill drew not a single GOP vote in the House:

It turned out that this estimate was 1,000 percent too high, because Emanuel’s go-for-the-big-win style, even when mixed with the president’s earnest charm, did not gain even one vote from the House GOP. The caucus held together like a stone wall when it came time to vote on the Democratic-authored $825 billion stimulus package—all 177 members joined 11 “Blue Dog” Democrats for the 244-188 final tally. How this was done explains the sudden and surprising new discipline of the Republican Party.

Joe Klein defends the spirit of bipartisanship:

Obama’s almost fetishistic pursuit of Republicans — two hours spent with the crabby minority at the Capitol! — is another attempt to deprive his enemies of a Great Satan. The President will make some Republican-oriented concessions, dropping some of the cheesier spending from the stimulus plan. He will get some GOP votes for his stimulus package, but more important, he is establishing himself as a relentlessly reasonable and polite presence in town — and his comity is making it all the more difficult for buffoons like Rush Limbaugh to influence the tone of the Republican opposition.

Time explains the spending from a Keynesian perspective:

— we all really do seem to be Keynesians now. Just about every expert agrees that pumping $1 trillion into a moribund economy will rev up the ethereal goods-and-services engine that Keynes called “aggregate demand” and stimulate at least some short-term activity, even if it is all wasted on money pits.

Political pollster and presidential campaign guru whizkid wunderkind Nate Silver offers some bleak prognostications for the future of the GOP.  Here he explains The Republican Death Spiral:

Most fundamentally of all, the McCain campaign radically overestimated the importance of appealing to the base. House Republicans may be replicating their mistake. Self-described conservative Republicans represent only about 20 percent of the population. This base is not necessarily becoming smaller; it’s still alive and kicking. What is true, however, is that the (1) base has never been sufficient to form a winning electoral coalition, and (2) that there are fewer and fewer non-base (e.g. moderates, libertarian Republicans, Republican leaning-independents). As these moderates have fled the GOP, the party’s electoral fortunes have tanked. But simultaneously, they have had less and less influence on the Republican message.
Thus the Republicans, arguably, are in something of a death spiral. The more conservative, partisan, and strident their message becomes, the more they alienate non-base Republicans. But the more they alienate non-base Republicans, the fewer of them are left to worry about appeasing. Thus, their message becomes continually more appealing to the base — but more conservative, partisan, and strident to the rest of us. And the process loops back upon itself.

I put the Jump in so that I could add stuff to this post later if I wanted.  I can’t put the jump in once I publish the post cus it royally screws with the formatting of the entire blog.  Bear with me Citizens.  6 days till the LSAT.

unrelated sillyness re: Rush

interesting.  this is the sorta garbage I HOPE voters don’t buy:

“Barack Obama’s a phenomenon,” said California Republican Committeeman Shawn Steel after Friday’s election. “It’s going to take a phenomenon just to challenge him. Michael is the one guy we have, regardless of background, who can do that.”

That is in reference to Michael Steele, the black Republican recently elected Chairman of RNC.  I sure wonder why Michael Steele was not a phenomenon before Obama won, and now that he has won, what does Michael Steele have in common with Obama?  ONE thing, Citizens.  ♦”Regardless of background”!…reminds me of “the working man” from yesterday’s Metro article.

The Viiiii-lllaaaaaa-gesss


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2 Responses to “The inside story of why not a single House Republican supported the president’s stimulus package; and other related news.”

  1. Jebediah Says:

    Thanks for the Nate Silver article…an interesting and plausible take. People are not going to put up with this “making a statement” bullshit from the GOP reps. 2010 is going to be roxorz. I stopped checking his site a while back, but that kid is hype…need to start reading it again. A freaking baseball stats nerd gone politico whiz.

  2. Creedo Says:

    When the final stimulus bills come up for a vote (after the Senate passes their version, the House and Senate have to negotiate a final bill taking from both versions) you will see that several House and Senate Republicans will vote for the bill. The recent House vote was just a show, meaningless, something the Republicans are very good at.

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