LSAT Hiatus & Countdown

It Is What It Is


Please give feedback.  PapoWorld will be back on Monday.  (HatTip: Creedo, for his disaster-recovery efforts this weekend)

Great Bill Cunningham (he does a slide show with commentary about fashion for NYT.  I don’t care for fashion much, but he has some surprisingly interesting observations.  Like how fashion DID change, subtly and on the level of the individual Manhattanite, as the economic crisis unfolded.)

Chicken or the Egg?

Awesome collection of Super Bowl commercials from ’84-’09

Hands-Down, the saddest thing I’ve read in 2009 (it’s about excessive force in the drug war and some unfortunate casualties in this one incident; dog-lovers…WARNING)

A calm, sober discussion about Iran’s future

A stinging NYT Editorial calling for Daschle to “step aside and let the president choose a less-blemished successor”

Updike ,    Googlarcasm ,    PostSecret ,   Should I go for the Rolls Royce?

Ross Douthat offers some thought-worthy comments on the Culture Wars and abortion (However, I disagree pretty strongly with his last line.  I think anyone in the “muddy middle on abortion” ought to answer “yes” to both questions.  This boils down to a Libertarian argument of one person’s right to impose protections on a fetus living inside of my body, as somehow trumping my right to determine what happens to my body.  I don’t think morality ought to be our yardstick for something that straddles the line between the origin/creation of life and society’s legal grounds for controlling a person’s body (and their reproduction).  We DO have available to us a secular means of assessing what is “right”; it’s called ethics.  I am admittedly an amateur in this area, but the most compelling currency I have found for assessing right or wrong in the realm of ethics is suffering.  If the fetus cannot experience suffering—or to apply the currency of suffering to the ethical theory of Utilitariansim: whether its suffering is less than the otherwise suffering of carrying the fetus to birth—then the mother’s interest prevails (allowing that we may also need a separate, related discussion about whether it has “sentience” and whether this is a precursor for suffering.  complication: animals).  I just can’t wrap my head around how someone else has more cause to protect an unborn, ambiguously existent human, than the mother in question has to protect herself.  It’s like…you’re so hung up on the sanctity of life, but you’re nakedly violating my life with your opinion on an ambiguous existential question.  Bottom Line: Society cannot deprive one side of their right to disagree on this ambiguous existential/ethical issue (i.e.: pro-lifers can never have abortions if they like, and their disagreement is preserved, but a pro-choicer loses their claim to the ambiguous, their side of the story, once we do not allow them to act on their concience. Simply put: one side’s proposal is inherently restrictive of the other side’s…and at best, this issue is ambiguous.)

PS: this argument is faaaar easier to make when we apply the currency of suffering to stem-cell research.

Obama declares war on god!!

Is Obama Losing the Message War? –Politico (I haven’t read it.  but he IS)

Uhm…maybe.  If they were only like $20.  Professional “expense”, perhaps?

Is Sayid jumping forward in time to win the Super Bowl next episode?? (FistPound: Groove)

Girrafe Scrap!

Meet my LSAT tutor! (HatTip: jHo)


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5 Responses to “LSAT Hiatus & Countdown”

  1. deadmanprd Says:

    Paps, way to go on bringing Papo World into the light. I am happy to of provided the proverbial kick-in-the-ass to get you going. Enjoying the information as always. Good luck with the LSAT, keep up the good work, in honor of your 3 week anniversary here’s a portrait of George Washington looking like a pimp.

  2. Carlos Valdes Says:

    Good luck on your test Papito, make us all proud.

    The banner clouds needs to go. And i would advise to mix up the topics more. Politics, sports, adventure, ladies, partying, and more and more and more. Just keep adding and labeling the topics. And add some spice to the formating.

  3. deadmanprd Says:

    More articles about me would be good too.

  4. M-Ro (Mikey Rose) Says:

    Good luck on the LSAT. Truly. is now not only bookmarked, on Google reader…and you think comments are not on the way from me? Boatloads of them are on the horizon. Soon, you will be thanking ME enough as well…for the creation of the rival, to counterbalance some of your views!

  5. Jebediah Says:

    PapoWorld will clearly have a strategic advantage on MRoWorld in terms of the Interwebs Arms Race. I foresee a Hype Gap emerging in the near future. Luckily, the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction will save you, because PapoWorld has clearly emerged as a hegemon in the Turkey, the Balkans, and the Punjab region. Geopolitical hype superiority.

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