Monday Morning Roundup

Hello Citizens!  The Hiatus is over, the LSAT is taken, and Billy Pilgrim has spoken : So It Goes.  I am slowly regathering my wits and my sanity, after intensive sleep reacquisition therapy this weekend.  PapoWorld may take a little bit to really spread its legs and open its stride, as I do have many aspects of my life that have been deeply neglected for the last three months.  But I will be posting some stuff, probably little more than the ruminations of my now-gelatinous brain, so please bear with me a bit.  To all who offered feedback, thanks a lot for it.  All readers are free to continue critiquing the site or hyping certain aspects you like.

Would people on the subway not steal my lunch money if I had one of these bad muthafuckas?

Apparently the AP is now bustin’ Shepard Fairey’s balls alleging “copyright infringement” for his use of an AP photo to make his uber-mega-famous picture.  Life as a no-longer-underground-dissentmaster shouldn’t be so rough.  But it is.  Welcome to the sunlight, Shep.  (UPDATE) Ouch, the sun aint letting up soon.

A lil blast from the past, to shiver ye timbers: PNAC Statement of Principles (HatTip: Groove of Yore)

Normally I want more substance and less cutesy attitude from HuffPo’s Sunday TVSoundoff, but the sarcasm of this week’s just seemed aptly fitting, given the political circus our country seems to have become while I was cramming to learn logic games.

I saw Forrest Gump recently and couldn’t stop asking myself, what happened to “Jenny”??  The actress, who is kinda really totally beautiful at the end when she’s a waitress with the lil bouncy curls (not to mention, kinda hot in a dark and exploitative cum-dumspter kinda vibe earlier in the movie).  Looks like she married Sean Penn.  wack.  Maybe her career ended cus someone made that really creepy blog.  Or maybe Commie-Pinko Penn is so paid she can lay around at home looking edible.

So, is this creepy?  I usually think some of the ire directed at parents over child-actors is overblown, but this “article” sorta weirded me out.  Maybe it’s HuffPo that is weirding me out for running this, for assembling this ‘post’ or ‘article’ all about how Dakota Fanning’s physical image has grown.  I guess it is one of the easier, more tangible ways of showing growth, but it just seems odd that “we” or “they” or “anyone” is looking.  I think I recall hearing some things I really liked with regard to how Dakota Fanning’s parents discuss her roles with her, and kinda put them into context, letting her decide which ones she thinks are engaging or interesting.  But what about the rest of us?  Those who want to see or witness her loss of innocence; and then those who self-appoint to serve as protector of this innocence.  Don’t we all have something better to do?  Have I fed in to the very same by posting this? At least I’m challenging you (and myself) to think on why we as a society do this.  I just hate celebrity worship. 

PapoWorld may be a little weird for a couple days.  Just sayin’…


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7 Responses to “Monday Morning Roundup”

  1. Jebediah Says:

    Welcome back, sir. I hope you devoured that test, much like the time that one Luv_handles stalked and devoured a chunk of Scooter floating on the glassy waters of Wolfe Lake.

  2. M-Ro (Mikey Rose) Says:

    In an otherwise sane test, I felt like those logic games were like bullets from the Matrix I had to dodge. Unfortunately for me I got hit multiple times.

    While I also hope you devoured the test like a Scooter, couldn’t it have been one fresh outta the wrapper? I knew these times were rough economically and all…but I had no idea Scooter Eaters had to resort to scouting for bars floating in the glassy, yet far from sanitary waters of Wolfe Lake. Sad times indeed.

  3. Sara Says:

    Wow, I had no idea Jenny was Robin Wright Penn. Good investigative work!

  4. papoworld Says:

    Oh it was no act of desperation. It was a tour-de-force tribute; a physical manifestation of a living memorial to a giant among men.

    Although this incident did occur within the secrets and mysteries of a certain organization said to not actually exist, legend of this event has swirled and percolated through the corridors of Time like the gently stirring whitewaters of the Wolfe Lake dam.

  5. jHo Says:

    screw the AP, they are just jealous attention whores. But you already know my lax view of copyright law.

    And police in Boston have nothing better to do than bust Fairey for stuff he did 19 years ago? Give me a break.

  6. deadmanprd Says:

    Shepard Fairey has a posse

  7. Jebediah Says:

    MRo, you gotta get out of that box to truly see the ethereal qualities of a chunk of Scooter eaten as it floats atop the dark, mystical waters of Wolfe Lake. Me, I’d eat a Scooter vomited up by my dog Scooter II after I gave him hydrogen peroxide to vomit up the chocolaty poison, just to taste his pain.

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