Bobby Jindal = Kenneth, the NBC page

Gawker has edited together several sections of Bobby Jindal’s response speech to show how he has a rather large resemblance to Kenneth, from 30 Rock.  They don’t butcher words to make him say things he doesn’t already, they just put together all the Kenneth-like moments so you can better see the connection. 

I can see Jindal’s political potential, or at least I considered him a dangerous opponent before his response to Obama.  He has the identity politics and personal biography stacked in his favor (ps: watch for the India lobby to break out bigtime in the next few years, son…they are overtly learning from the Israeli Lobby how to build political clout and financial leverage, while so far avoiding the dissent-suppression and bully tactics of the neocon Israel Lobby), is a Rhodes scholar, and holds the GOP-winning-lottery-ticket that is his “colored skin”.  I can’t help but feel like he blew his wad last night though.  He asked too much of himself, following Obama like that.  As one Arena contributor put it at Politico, “It’s like seeing a fake Rolex after you’ve seen the real thing”.  I mean, it’s still a pretty watch.  It’s just obviously of lesser quality than the original.  He used his hands to make the same gesture over and over again, was reallllly folksy and down-home-anecdotal, and probably woulda done much better with a live audience to feed off of:  all unfortunate, trivial aspects of politics that end up mattering in real life (think Nixon v. Kennedy, first TV debate ever). 

Maybe he can still carve out an image for himself, but even then: I struggle to believe this country will elect a Catholic who doubts evolution in favor of Intelligent Design…not after someone like Obama is president (or against someone like Barack Obama…please).  I mean, the Vatican has rejected a literal reading of Genesis and has conveniently decreed Evolution to be God’s work.  If Catholics think he’s crazy and evangelicals don’t forget he’s Catholic…what rubes does he command?


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