Judge Rules Anti-Gay Marriage Donors Can’t Remain Secret

This is somewhat of an old story, but I had saved it to come back to after the LSAT.  I found it very interesting because I wasn’t entirely clear how I felt about it.  On some level, I do find it kinda creepy that political donations are entirely in public view (name, address, amount), but I also think that’s a very important principle that I wish would extend far further: it forces a small degree of accountability for one’s beliefs, as if political opinions should be something you can declare and defend publicly. 

There is a certain delicious* irony to sentences like this:

Supporters of the ban on gay marriage said public disclosure of their financial supporters had put the donors at risk of personal harassment or boycotts to their businesses.

I first thought their claims were BS merely because of the somewhat inherent harassment that lay in voting to ban gay marriage, but apparently some pro-Prop-8ers were threatening to boycott people who didn’t donate!:

Fred Karger, founder of gay-rights group Californians Against Hate, said the initiative’s backers had threatened boycotts against businesses that failed to donate to their effort during the campaign.

(My Thoughts:  I wish religion took a more “in our tradition…” approach to what’s right and wrong; essentially just a recognition that we live in a society that is permissive of diversity. Christians against gay marriage on religious or allegedly moral grounds can certainly retain their conviction withing their culture and traditions.  I don’t think any sacrament-conferring church was ever in jeopardy of being forced to marry homosexuals.  They should be allowed to preserve their (bigoted, ignorant, archaic) views within the confines of their religion.  This allows them to preserve their notion of moral integrity while sparing all the animosity and constitutional breach.  Can’t we just separate religion and government?)

*(by “delicious” I don’t mean I enjoy seeing people harassed, but I do appreciate it when the consequences of someone’s unthinking inconsistency bite them in the ass…and I kinda think there is a little cosmic justice to the counter-harassment of bigots)


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