Pulitzer Preview!

Editor & Publisher magazine runs its Annual Pulitzer Preview.  I was surprised to find myself somewhat inspired by this article.  I know it can be hard to get “truth” or the full story from “the media”, but this article highlights the somewhat noble pursuit of truth of dedicated journalists across the country.  This is the sorta investigative/long-form journalism that I love. 

Here are a couple examples:

Two Washington Post series in the running include Debbie Cenziper and Sara Cohen’s “Forced Out” investigation that revealed how local landlords drove tenants from rent-controlled apartments…The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has already gotten notice for its six-part series on toxins in everyday products and the failure of regulatory agencies to monitor them. “Chemical Fallout” has received a Polk Award and the 2008 John B. Oakes Award for Distinguished Environmental Journalism.

It just feels good to know journalists are still chasing the truth, yaknow?


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2 Responses to “Pulitzer Preview!”

  1. Mike Says:

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  2. Sara Says:

    Totally agree! It’s also great that a organization as prestigious as the Pulitzers recognizes great journalism.

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