World Events Roundup

News bulletin for today from around the world.  Happy perusing!

 Middle East

While visiting Israel, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to a two-state solution. Nathan Brown thinks it’s time for Plan B.

Clinton told an Arab foreign minister that it’s “doubtful” that Iran will respond to U.S. offers of negotiations.

International donors have pledged $4.48 billion to rebuild Gaza.


Sri Lanka’s cricket team was attacked by gunmen in Lahore, Pakistan.

The United States’ new North Korea envoy Stephen Bosworth arrived in Beijing to being work reviving the stalled six-party talks.

An aide to Japanese opposition leader Ichiro Ozawa has been convicted of bribery.


Congressional Democrats are cracking down on tax havens.

U.S. stocks hit a 12-year low on Monday.

Raul Castro has ousted two top officials who were loyal to his brother Fidel.


The head of Guinea-Bissau’s parliament will become interim president after Monday’s presidential assassination. 

Tanzania has launched a campaign to prevent the widespread murder of albinos.

A prominent Rwandan minister has been convicted of genocide.


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is in Washington to meet with Barack Obama.

Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party dominated local elections in Russia.

Poland has renewed its commitment to early entry into the Eurozone.

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