A Nowruz Message from President Obama (Iranian New Year)

I can’t help but agree with Ezra Klein of The American Prospect on this one:

There are times when it’s hard to believe that this is how my country acts now. That somewhere in government, some young bureaucrat had the idea that the President should publicly honor the Iranian New Year, and that bureaucrat felt that her superiors would also think this a good idea, and, indeed, the thought went all the way to the President, who agreed that a display of engagement and goodwill was consonant with our national values and foreign policy goals. It is hard to believe that five years after we were ordering “freedom fries” in the congressional cafeteria, we’re posting Persian translations at Whitehouse.gov.


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One Response to “A Nowruz Message from President Obama (Iranian New Year)”

  1. BROUSS Says:

    I think this video is great. A token video to simply sow the SEED of respect for the US in the minds and hearts of the everyday Iranian population. No promises, just, “hey, new management here. We respect you. Maybe it shouldn’t be out of the question for you to respect us.” I’m impressed. I think this was a fantastic idea, from a young bureaucrat or Obama himself.

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