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Has Obama ended the “war on terror”?

January 28, 2009

 A MotherJones writer poses the question to Robert Gibbs:

At Robert Gibbs’ first briefing as White House press secretary on Thursday afternoon, I asked if the president had booted the war metaphor. Gibbs replied that Obama had used language that was consistent with his inaugural address. In that speech, Obama had indeed said that “our nation is at war, against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred.” But he did not use the standard “war on terror” phrase. Instead he threw the word “war” against a specific target.

He then offers a handy summation:

He’s obviously not allergic to the term. But it’s not the description he reaches for first when he publicly discusses the matter.

Foreign Policy isn’t buying it:

The war on terror has been the country’s defining national security narrative since 9/11, and politicians across the political spectrum have paid obeisance to it.

Further in, they display unusually high cynicism too:



Science Under the Bush Administration

January 27, 2009

The techie/gadget blog Gizmodo did an interesting post allowing that there were some scientific advancements under Bush:

The Library of Congress began posting photos of their incredible catalog on Flickr, for example, and the FBI created widgets for locating sexual predators and most wanted criminals. New tools for college students helped them find loans and compare schools, and finally we were able to pay taxes online. Diplomatic and Intelligence agencies jumped on the Wikipedia bandwagon with Diplopedia and Intellipedia, respectively.

This may strike many Citizens as odd, given how much we’ve heard (and/or believed) about the Bush Admin. being bad on, or averse to, science.
In an interview with SEED magazine, the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy under Bush, John Marburger, has some thoughts on that:

We’ve seen some increased visibility of the science community during the Bush administration. I think that was part of a political strategy of the Democratic Party, which was somewhat successful, to undermine the credibility of the Bush administration by fixing on these issues.

The ACLU and RFK Jr. have the other side of the story, after the jump


Gawker fucks with your head

January 24, 2009

Gawker has a 5-panel picture set showing the morphing of Bush into Obama.  It appears Industrial Light and Magic is the brains behind the morph, but leave it to gawker to make life livable.  They earned the post with this line:

This is your “soul-melting funny foto of the week,” a terrifying morph from dumb old George W. Chimpy McHilter to President Hopey Hussein.


They are also correct in highlighting the third shot:

Look at the middle one and feel all the joy sucked from your life! Enjoy your weekend! That face will haunt it!

It’s like killing a unicorn.  (hit this link  or at the top for a bigger pic)

Ashcroft parses words at Knox College

January 18, 2009

To Pour or to Force?  Can there be a meaningful difference, when we’re talking about a liquid? (imagine it…how does one pour liquid against someone’s will without also forcing that liquid?  physically…how does one?)  Lastly, I don’t know what ‘the law’ is, but I’m equally upset with a country that cheaply parses words to create moral license.

WriteChic has the relevant transcript 

PapoWorld parses the reflexiveness