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The Century of the Self –BBC

March 17, 2009

This video might change your life.


Is this your homework, Larry?

February 25, 2009

LebowskiFest has new t-shirt designs!!  For those who don’t know The Truth and The Way, LebowskiFest is a yearly event that occurs in various cities around the US, involving costume and trivia contests, screening of The Film, bowling (obviously, you’re not a golfer), White Russians, and general What-Have-You.

They also issue some pretty money t-shirts, like the new Is this your homework, Larry?


On the back, The Immortal Question:


  Who makes these things?? GOD???

Art according to Creedo

February 25, 2009

my friend Creedo loves cartoons.
he sent me this today. “It’s Art”, says Creedo.
you decide; I think that’s the point.

Michael Paulus Charlie

Michael Paulus Bubbles

Michael Paulus Pikachu

(HatTip: Creedo, and StreetAnatomy)

The Hardest Job in Football

February 18, 2009

Here’s a meaty read from this month’s issue of The Atlantic: an interesting piece about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into the orchestral dance of directing cameras and choosing which view will appear in your TV screen during NFL football games.  It is by Mark Bowden, a great narrative and investigative writer, whose books Killing Pablo and Doctor Dealer I have read (I currently own and will soon dig into his Guests of the Ayatollah, about the Iranian hostage crisis).

The article gives a really interesting inside-look at things.  You get a feel for the mechanics of the cameras and what they can do, a larger survey of the evolution of the sport and its marriage to TV, and an appreciation for the role Fish plays as the conductor in the orchestra that produces the drama unfolding for you at home.

These are the basics, cameras one through five, that are used to cover every televised football game, college or pro. The rest are specialty cameras. Six and eight are mounted on three-foot-high platforms behind each end zone, to one side of the goalposts…Fish will sometimes instruct these cameras’ operators to focus on specific players—in this game they were Justin Tuck, the Giants’ gifted pass-rushing end, and Bengals receiver Chad Johnson—in order to put together a video package that summarizes those players’ ups and downs during the game.



NBA Throwback: Reggie Miller summits NYC

February 11, 2009

One of the more riveting displays of athleticism around.  The video takes 6 total minutes, giving the background and context to the Indiana/NewYork rivalry…It’s worth the time, if you got it.  If not, at least scroll to 3:17 for Reggie’s feat.

Awesomeness! (part IV)

January 30, 2009

I kinda really wanna buy this awesome Solar Tree when it becomes available (if it won’t cost me my firstborn).  It’s a very cool idea that allows you to fully customize the shape and design: for aesthetics, optimal sun-catch, or both.  It doesn’t seem so big as to be garish or tacky, and it has a certain futuristic, Matrixian elegance.  OK, that’s enough.

Awesomeness! (part III)

January 30, 2009

hammerhead-radioWe just bought our second shower radio for Ye Olde Brooklyn Manor, after our $10 BB&Beyond unit busted on us (for shame: we went back to BB&B to cop an upgrade, saw none available, and bought another $10 piece in a diff. color.  Hey it’s working so far…).  This shark shower radio is pretttty cool.  I kinda really wish it would swim around though.

I only have one question for you…

January 30, 2009


This woodchopper…does not fuck around.

January 29, 2009

 Shamelessly pwning the whimpier trees of PapoWorld.

Awesomeness! (part II)

January 29, 2009

Fully functional Hemp-Mote for the Wii! hempmote2

I saw a functioning snowboard made of hemp once, too.  Oh, the politics of cotton…


January 29, 2009

A whole new meaning to logrolling:


 My Uzi Weighs a Ton.  Check out another Herr Schulze piece, Sneakers.

Dude’s got some gnarly characters too.

Follow me for some even weirder stuff of his

DFW drops nukes on your tired mind

January 28, 2009

This dude is always dropping wisdom, even if he’s trying not to (is that its own wisdom?  hm…).  His article on the McCain campaign of 2000 was superb.  In this interview he has some really interesting things to say about political writing and objectivity.  I can both share his feelings and need to heed his advice:

…at least some political writing should be Platonically disinterested, should rise above the fray, etc.; and in my own present case this is impossible (and so I am a hypocrite, an ideological opponent could say). In doing the McCain piece you mentioned, I saw some stuff (more accurately: I believe that I saw some stuff) about our current president, his inner circle, and the primary campaign they ran that prompted certain reactions inside me that make it impossible to rise above the fray. I am, at present, partisan. Worse than that: I feel such deep, visceral antipathy that I can’t seem to think or speak or write in any kind of fair or nuanced way about the current administration. Writing-wise, I think this kind of interior state is dangerous. It is when one feels most strongly, most personally, that it’s most tempting to speak up (“speak out” is the current verb phrase of choice, rhetorically freighted as it is). But it’s also when it’s the least productive, or at any rate it seems that way to me—there are plenty of writers and journalists “speaking out” and writing pieces about oligarchy and neofascism and mendacity and appalling short-sightedness in definitions of “national security” and “national interest,” etc., and very few of these writers seem to me to be generating helpful or powerful pieces, or really even being persuasive to anyone who doesn’t already share the writer’s views.

too bad if you think this post is long (it’s not).  your brain needed something sane for a change. (HatTip: MikeytheAngryPeasant)

Good Collection of Inauguration Photos from all over

January 27, 2009

Some VERY cool inauguration pictures from here and abroad.  This one is, by far, my favorite. (Note, posted below is a slightly diff. image due to tech. issues, I refer to the version of this shot that’s in the link).  You can see Bush’s picture being replaced by Obama’s, at such an iconic symbol of our military and of our post-9/11 detention policies.  I absolutely love every time I see something that reminds me that these dudes, at Gitmo and elsewhere, see his name and his face with the title of “Commander in Chief”.  It just makes it so clear for them, in their own language.

Make sure you scroll all the way to the last pic too.

Caption Contest!!

January 24, 2009

Write a caption for SamuraiBama.  Winner announced Monday morning.

Gawker fucks with your head

January 24, 2009

Gawker has a 5-panel picture set showing the morphing of Bush into Obama.  It appears Industrial Light and Magic is the brains behind the morph, but leave it to gawker to make life livable.  They earned the post with this line:

This is your “soul-melting funny foto of the week,” a terrifying morph from dumb old George W. Chimpy McHilter to President Hopey Hussein.


They are also correct in highlighting the third shot:

Look at the middle one and feel all the joy sucked from your life! Enjoy your weekend! That face will haunt it!

It’s like killing a unicorn.  (hit this link  or at the top for a bigger pic)

Drunkerson Cooper!

January 23, 2009

I’m beginning to like this game…the whole ‘watch-newscasters-act-wasted-after-the-inauguration’ game.

Our next contestant: Anderson Cooper!

Top 10 Fascinating Last Pictures Taken

January 23, 2009


Top 10 Fascinating Last Pictures Taken (…as in, last picture taken OF someone, or last taken BY someone?  Make up your mind, listverse.)

That photo (and its story) are pretty powerful stuff.  Perhaps on the other side of the spectrum, we have this famous photo (don’t get me started on Priness Di fanaticism)


LOST Returns

January 22, 2009

and Craig Fergusson comes close to actual humor:

“The new season of ‘Lost’ kicked off tonight. … If you haven’t seen it, ‘Lost’ is about a group of desperate people out of touch with the world. It’s based on the true story of the Republican Party.”

How sweet WAS last night’s LOST episode??  I won’t discuss content here in case someone has it DVRed for later.  But I can say that the producers were generally true to their promise that Season 5 would begin to answer more questions than it asks.  I allow for others to identify new questions that were created last night, but I found myself generally very pleased to receive the revelations they did offer.  I can’t wait for more and was thoroughly satisfied with 2 hrs of new LOST.


Lil Scooter

January 21, 2009

BET just featured a ten-year-old rapper named Scooter Smiff who spits serious, for a lil shortie.

Lyrics and video, courtesy of my man in Amsterdam, Jebediah:

From “Do It For Me,” in which he’s hollering at his girl:

“Matter of fact I kinda wanna call her “baby,”
but never want her daddy to think that I’m being shady.
I’m so respectful I will say ‘Please,
Mr. do you mind if we roll to Chuck-E-Cheez,
and back to my house to play Nintendo Wii.
Yes I said Wii, her including me…'”

My fav line, from “Favorite Girl”:
I had my man get ya number though,
We could go to Mickey-Ds get a number ‘Fo
or a number two, whatever-you-like boo
I aint the type to spend bread to let you know I like you

(emphasis mine)…he’s figured it out!

Other tracks and video at  (HatTip for the RePost: The Tooter)

WSJ Anthrax scare

January 21, 2009

OK, maybe not.  We’ll see as the story unfolds.

But, the Wall Street Journal definitely DID evacuate its office buildings:  “According to the NYPD the Journal received 13 envelopes of suspicious powder addressed to various executives”.

I know it evacuated ‘cus my girlfriend is a publicist here in Manhattan and was supposed to accompany an author to an interview at the WSJ…which she was told is now cancelado.

Gawker deployes its usual snark:No one is allowed to open any mail! Breaking!”  (HatTip: Sara)