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Art according to Creedo

February 25, 2009

my friend Creedo loves cartoons.
he sent me this today. “It’s Art”, says Creedo.
you decide; I think that’s the point.

Michael Paulus Charlie

Michael Paulus Bubbles

Michael Paulus Pikachu

(HatTip: Creedo, and StreetAnatomy)

Awesomeness! (part IV)

January 30, 2009

I kinda really wanna buy this awesome Solar Tree when it becomes available (if it won’t cost me my firstborn).  It’s a very cool idea that allows you to fully customize the shape and design: for aesthetics, optimal sun-catch, or both.  It doesn’t seem so big as to be garish or tacky, and it has a certain futuristic, Matrixian elegance.  OK, that’s enough.

Feature Artist: Sara Eagle

January 15, 2009

This is an upstart photographer I met in NYC who really has an eye for the clever shot.

Known for taking every day places or items and presenting them in a perspective that highlights their wonder and beauty, Sara frequents between Manhattan (the UES), Brooklyn (the ‘Wick), and Miami (everywhere fly), finding occassional respite in Westport, CT.

If you like her stuff, send along an encouraging word!  She’s very, very charming.


(some of her pics are cycling on the right –>)