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Afternoon Newsea

February 10, 2009
Like nausea, but from the news.

NYT Op-Ed in favor of repealing DODT; hard to argue with his larger point:

…six years of war have clarified priorities. The battlefield has its own values, starting with courage. Sexual orientation falls somewhere below musical taste. What a person chooses to do back stateside, off-duty, in his own apartment is irrelevant in a fight.

Guide to what’s hot on South Beach!  (you may now exhale)

The Catholic Church brings back plenary indulgences:

Its revival has been viewed as part of a conservative resurgence that has brought some quiet changes and some highly controversial ones, like Pope Benedict XVI’s recent decision to lift the excommunications of four schismatic bishops who reject the council’s reforms. (HatTip: Creedo)

Sullivan unpacks Neoconservatism a little:

…perhaps the case against this strain in neoconservatism is best expressed by the the worry that passionate support for Israel can become, if internalized too completely, a blinding and knee-jerk response, and a barrier to thinking more coolly about America’s regional options.

Philip Weiss waxes philosophic on Jews in neoconservatism and credits Sullivan for his clarity

A pipe-dream from Bibi the Secret Dove

A-Rod admits to the doping:

“I am guilty of being negligent, naïve, not asking all the right questions,” he said. (among other things)

It’s worth your click


To get the ball rolling…

January 16, 2009

I wanted to have this thing more finely tuned before I started hyping it publicly (i.e. beyond my loving girlfriend), but I kinda wanna start posting links to news stories of interest that I stumbled on throughout the day.

I think it might be OK if I start this thing out as a forum for me to post articles I collect and want to share and then later, or as I get time (and confidence),  I’ll expand more on my commentary/thoughts. 

For now…there is much to read and know in the world.      The PapoWorld  😉

Why I think the moral institution I was raised in is bankrupt:  Catholicism

Part of why I love The Daily Dish is Sullivan’s balance of naked integrity, interesting info, and humor…particularly how they interact:  Post-Gay World

Charles Krauthammer, who I normally think is dripping with bluster and neocon talking points, finds it in himself to publicly say this about Obama:  Arou?

And…don’t get me started on: Puppetry