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To get the ball rolling…

January 16, 2009

I wanted to have this thing more finely tuned before I started hyping it publicly (i.e. beyond my loving girlfriend), but I kinda wanna start posting links to news stories of interest that I stumbled on throughout the day.

I think it might be OK if I start this thing out as a forum for me to post articles I collect and want to share and then later, or as I get time (and confidence),  I’ll expand more on my commentary/thoughts. 

For now…there is much to read and know in the world.      The PapoWorld  😉

Why I think the moral institution I was raised in is bankrupt:  Catholicism

Part of why I love The Daily Dish is Sullivan’s balance of naked integrity, interesting info, and humor…particularly how they interact:  Post-Gay World

Charles Krauthammer, who I normally think is dripping with bluster and neocon talking points, finds it in himself to publicly say this about Obama:  Arou?

And…don’t get me started on: Puppetry