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Middle East Reality Check –Roger Cohen, NYT

March 10, 2009

This is column by Roger Cohen is very good.  It gives a good summary of the emerging sentiments among the new administration, and among the citizenry as voiced by J-Street and other progressive groups, regarding the way forward with the middle east.  The Realist school of foreign policy is finally overpowering neoconservatism.  Rejoice.

Here is a quote worth highlighting.  The entire column has been pasted after the jump.

The 1988 Hamas Charter is vile, but I think it’s wrong to get hung up on the prior recognition of Israel issue. Perhaps Hamas is sincere in its calls for Israel’s disappearance — although it has offered a decades-long truce — but then it’s also possible that Israel in reality has no desire to see a Palestinian state.

One view of Israel’s continued expansion of settlements, Gaza blockade, West Bank walling-in and wanton recourse to high-tech force would be that it’s designed precisely to bludgeon, undermine and humiliate the Palestinian people until their dreams of statehood and dignity evaporate.

The argument over recognition is in the end a form of evasion designed to perpetuate the conflict.