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Chas Freeman is the public target, and victim, of a smear and destroy campaign by neocons and the hawkish side of the pro-Israel Lobby

March 11, 2009

I have been closely following the nomination of Charles “Chas” Freeman to the position of Chairman of the National Intelligence Council for about 7-10 days.  He was nominated by Admiral Dennis Blair, Director of National Intelligence, but received no public support from the White House, who stayed silent on the issue throughout.

The public response to his nomination began with Steve Rosen, former AIPAC official currently on trial for charges of espionage for passing secret documents to reporters and an official of the government of Israel.

a look at Chuck Schumer’s consistency:

Hypocrisy on China from humanrightsers

WashPo “article”


Rothkopf @

More to come (as I can stomach revisiting all the articles I read)


Vacation To Israel Canceled Due To History Of Israel

January 25, 2009

The Onion has a Sunday funny:

HOBOKEN, NJ—With only three weeks to go before embarking on a much-anticipated vacation to Israel, 34-year-old Jeff Kaufmann made the difficult decision to cancel his trip yesterday, citing unfavorable exchange rates and the entirety of the Jewish nation’s 60-year existence. “I’d been looking forward to this for months, but hotel prices started going up, things got kind of crazy at work, and also Israel’s whole history is basically a decades-long horror show of ethnic violence, harsh reprisals, and geopolitical madness.” Kaufmann said. “The Negev Desert is supposed to be amazing, but on the other hand, ever since its founding in 1948, Israel has been spinning downward in a chaotic spiral of fear, hatred, and death. So it’s a tough call.” Kaufmann added that he hopes the Arab and Jewish peoples will be able to put aside a century of bloodshed before his travel voucher expires in June.



The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy

January 23, 2009

Stephen Walt, co-author of the landmark essay and later book: The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy, responds to some of the criticism resurfacing among the commentariat.  He essentially asks (and has cause to ask) whether those criticizing the book (McArdle, Douthat, Goldberg, et. al) ever even read it (I did).

Here is a brief segment:

The problem with relying on other people’s opinions is that virtually all of the mainstream critics here in the US misrepresented our arguments badly, frequently accusing us of saying the exact opposite of what we actually wrote. At the risk of boring you, let me offer a few examples:

Oh, he offers examples alright.  He gives a general run-down of the main ideas of the book and some of the most common misrepresentations about it.  I recommend his post and his book.


Foxman and others on the Israeli Right don’t want fairness.

January 22, 2009

I’m not even joking.  That’s essentially their criticism. From Walt at ForeignPolicy:

The New York Times reports that President Obama will appoint former Senator George Mitchell as his chief envoy on Israel-Palestine. According to Jewish Week, ADL national director Abraham Foxman thinks Mitchell is an inappropriate choice because he is “fair,” and has been “meticulously even-handed.” As Matt Yglesias points out, fairness is a quality that we normally prize in an envoy.

But because the US hasn’t been fair in the past, Foxman is “concerned.  I’m not sure the situation requires that kind of approach in the Middle East.”

WOW.  Do most Americans think we shouldn’t use envoys and negotiators who are fair?  Does anyone else think that our one-sided support of Israel isn’t helping the situation (and possibly isn’t helping the US end extremism in the region)?  The last paragraph from JW about sums it up:

Major pro-Israel groups “tend to favor the kind of mediator with the least prospects of success,” said MJ Rosenberg, a longtime pro-Israel activist and policy director for the Israel Policy Forum (IPF). “George Mitchell worries them because he was so successful in Northern Ireland, a success that was built on his persistence and his utterly impartiality … and a deal means Israeli concessions which they have never favored.  The stronger the candidate for envoy or mediator — the more of an honest broker he or she would be — the more uncomfortable they are.”

Yglesias adds another point that I agree with:


To get the ball rolling…

January 16, 2009

I wanted to have this thing more finely tuned before I started hyping it publicly (i.e. beyond my loving girlfriend), but I kinda wanna start posting links to news stories of interest that I stumbled on throughout the day.

I think it might be OK if I start this thing out as a forum for me to post articles I collect and want to share and then later, or as I get time (and confidence),  I’ll expand more on my commentary/thoughts. 

For now…there is much to read and know in the world.      The PapoWorld  😉

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Charles Krauthammer, who I normally think is dripping with bluster and neocon talking points, finds it in himself to publicly say this about Obama:  Arou?

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