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Ashcroft parses words at Knox College

January 18, 2009

To Pour or to Force?  Can there be a meaningful difference, when we’re talking about a liquid? (imagine it…how does one pour liquid against someone’s will without also forcing that liquid?  physically…how does one?)  Lastly, I don’t know what ‘the law’ is, but I’m equally upset with a country that cheaply parses words to create moral license.

WriteChic has the relevant transcript 

PapoWorld parses the reflexiveness

Quote of the Day

January 18, 2009

“That’s not up to us to say that doesn’t matter anymore.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is entering the recent linguisti-dance that is, well, the politicization of the Justice Department. I hadn’t realized how ironic this all was until I typed that sentence:  To not prosecute the Bush Administration for criminal wrongdoing in order to secure friendliness toward our legislative agenda is nothing less than “politicizing the Justice Department”—the very same beef against Former Attorney General I-Do-Not-Recall Gonzalez. (Although, PapoWorld acknowledges… follow me…