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Why I’m Selling My Virginity

January 30, 2009

No doubt you’ve heard of her by now…But she’s explained herself in The Daily Beast.  I kinda dig her explanation.  I took some of these sorts of classes in school (*see below) and I think Ms. I-Really-Haven’t-Taken-Shaft-Yet might have some brains in her.

For me, valuing virginity as sacred is simply not a concept I could embrace. But valuing virginity monetarily—now that’s a concept I could definitely get behind. I no longer view the selling of sex as wrong or immoral—my time at college showed me that I had too blindly accepted such arbitrary norms. And for what it’s worth, the winning bid won’t necessarily be the highest—I get to choose.

Normally this quote would lead me to run and say this girl whored-about in college and learned it aint no sacred wafer, but…

Are they gonna verify she’s a V?  Whoever’s dropping paper to pierce that privacy purst better damn well make surrre she’s a V.  (Can any of my middle eastern Citizens weigh in?  What means are available for achieving virginity certitude?)