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WSJ Anthrax scare

January 21, 2009

OK, maybe not.  We’ll see as the story unfolds.

But, the Wall Street Journal definitely DID evacuate its office buildings:  “According to the NYPD the Journal received 13 envelopes of suspicious powder addressed to various executives”.

I know it evacuated ‘cus my girlfriend is a publicist here in Manhattan and was supposed to accompany an author to an interview at the WSJ…which she was told is now cancelado.

Gawker deployes its usual snark:No one is allowed to open any mail! Breaking!”  (HatTip: Sara)



January 20, 2009

WSJ offers a stinging welcome to our new president with its editorial: The Opacity of Hope

On a much more optimistic note, Brooks puts together an excellent essay on the Politics of Cohesion.  He explores what Francis Fukuyama called The Great Disruption, the period that began in the 60s and consisted of much upheaval and a reexamination of the old institutions and norms.  He explains it far too well for me to continue-on in his stead, but his description of Obama, as someone who can finally usher in the end of Disruption, is worth getting in before the jump:

Obama aims to realize the end-of-ideology politics that Daniel Bell and others glimpsed in the early 1960s. He sees himself as a pragmatist, an empiricist. Politics is not personal with him. He does not turn political disagreements into a status contest between one kind of person and another. He is convinced that most Americans practice their politics between the 40-yard lines.

I ❤ Obama